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The Mediterranean: Migrant Sounds

II Conference AVAMUS –
XV Jornadas AVAMUS

València, 23-26 July 2019

On June 17, 2018, the Aquarius, a boat carrying refugees, docked in Valencia. The wave of solidarity that ran through the city and neighboring towns in response to this arrival was intermingled with ignorance of a phenomenon—migration across the Mediterranean Sea—that has been a historical constant, and which indexes both the aspirations and fears of the many peoples who share this space of passage. In a 2016 editorial entitled “Musicians at the Borders,” Acta Musicologica, the journal of the International Musicology Society (IMS), appealed to musicologists to intervene in these pressing matters, to participate actively in the debates about migration and its many histories, rather than staying aloof from them as has long been the tendency of the discipline.

Witnessing this call, and responding to it with a will to build bridges and forge agreements, the organizers of this conference aim to facilitate new collaborations that rethink the social role of sounds in the Mediterranean in the past and in the present, and in so doing to highlight the potential of the discipline produce new narratives about the people who have long lived, traversed, and registered their sonic presence along Mediterranean shores.

Organizing institutions

Organizing institutions

Associació Valenciana de Musicologia (AVAMUS)
Vicerectorat de Cultura, Universitat de València
Vicerectorat de Projecció Territorial i Societat, Universitat de València 

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