Honorary Award of Musicology

The Honorary Award of Musicology is an award instituted in 2010 by the Valencian Association of Musicology that recognizes the musicological trajectory of a person or entity that for its scientific work has contributed in a remarkable way to publicize the Valencian musical heritage.

The Prize is awarded every three years. The right to propose and vote for a candidate is the totality of the members of the association that come to the assembly where the agenda foresees to carry out the voting.
The prize consists of an act of recognition and the delivery of an exclusive sculpture by the sculptor Salvador Marco. The award ceremony takes place within the framework of the Avamus Working Days of Musicology.



Honorary Award of Musicology 2011

D. José Climent Barber


Priest. He received the presbyterate on June 29, 1950. That same year he successfully opposed the position of organist in the Cathedral of Valencia, a position which was attached to the organ of the Royal Basilica of Our Lady of the Forsaken. In 1981 he was appointed Canónigo with the position of Prefect of Sacred Music. He is Favorite Son of the city of Oliva.

Founding director of the Municipal Conservatory “José Iturbi” of Valencia where he taught courses in History and Aesthetics of Music and History of Art.
He has been Director of the Children’s Choir “Juan Bta. Comes” as well as the  Escolania de Ntra. Sra. dels Desamparats.
He was Director of the Musicology Section of the Alfons el Magnànim Institution. He has collaborated with the Diputació Provincial directing the “Retrobem la nostra música” as well as directing the musical part of “La Llum de les Imatges”. In 2001 he created the Catedralicia Choir.
His works include the Musical Fund of the Valencian region, the Opera Omnia vocal and the last five volumes of the organic work of Joan Cabanilles, as well as the Llibre de Tocates by Vicente Rodríguez Monllor.
He is Academic Number of the Real Academy of Valencian Culture and Correspondent of the Real Academy of San Carlos of Valencia and of San Jordi of Barcelona.
Awards, distinctions and other merits:
He has won several Extraordinary Prizes in the Jocs Florals of Lo Rat Penat, a society that has recently named him Prohom.
In 2010 the City of Valencia named him Adoptive Son of Valencia.

Ramon Canut (President of AVAMUS) José Climent and the sculptor Salvador Marco

Honorary Award of Musicology 2014

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