Digitalized collections

In this section we offer the digization of a number of publications that are currently out of print or difficult to access and locate. One of the priority objectives of AVAMUS is to create, in the digital era, new forms of access to sources, preserve the conservation of historical and musical heritage, and bring the task of research and dissemination to all those interested in the study and teaching. The collections are only available in Valencian and Spanish, the original languages.

All the funds digitized by our association have expressly the copyright holder’s consent to be able to publish online, view, archive, photocopy, scan, share or quote fragments of the works. This access allows the work to be reproduced and distributed in any non-commercial format, as long as the work is properly cited and the sources are appropriately used in accordance with current legislation on copyright. Online publications implies that other digital databases external to AVAMUS can reference and index the works. Any other use must be previously approved by the person who holds the copyright and derivates of these versions ara not allowed.