Who we are

AVAMUS (Asociación Valenciana de Musicología) is a non-profit organization which was created in 2005 in order to provide a framework of meeting and cohesion for all those interested in Musicology, to promote musical research and the study, retrieval and dissemination of the Valencian musical heritage. Every year publishes an issue of the Quadrivium journal and develops a program of events.

The main objectives of AVAMUS are:

  • Provide a framework for meeting and cohesion for all those interested in musicology where to establish alliances and promote common synergies
  • Encourage research in the field of music
  • Promot the study, recovery and diffusion of the Valencian musical heritage
  • Develop tools and resources to facilitate musicological research and dissemination in the Valencian Community
  • Spread relevant studies about our musical heritage
  • Collaborate with other associations and institutions in the field of musicology and heritage