Editorial board

Chief Editor

Juanma Ferrando Cuña

Editorial Board

Noelia Bojó Molina

Gracia Llorca Llinares

Paula Molina González

Óscar Navarré Medina

Advisory Committee

Victoria Alemany Ferrer

Ramón Canut Rebull

Ferran Escrivà Llorca

Isabel Ferrer Senabre

Pasqual Hernández Farinós

Jordi Reig Bravo

Amparo Tomàs Franco

Previous Directors

Ferran Escrivà Llorca i Isabel Ferrer Senabre (2015-2020)

Ramon Canut Rebull i Daniel Vidal (2010-2015)



Quadrivium is a magazine open to all branches of Musicology. Therefore, apart from the review of our editorial committee, we contacted renowned musicologists according to the topic of each article. The specialists have to fill out a form to evaluate the suitability of each magazine article.

Evaluation Form